Category : Integrated campaign based on Digital Design 

Client : EA Sports Games (Sports games for console, desktop computer and mobile)


2015 94th ADC Annual Awards_Gold_Digital_Student Thesis

2015 Clio Sports Awards_Gold_Student_Digital

2015 Clio Sports Awards_Bronze_Student_Film

2015 Project ISAAC Awards_Bronze_Student_Digital


Nyong Ha Chang (Art Director, Digital UI Designer, Visual Designer for Film, Advertising Designer)

Ho Yun Son (Art Director, Motion Graphic Designer)

Hwa Young Jung (Art Director, Digital UI Designer)

Philip Park (Director of Photographer)

Hee Hyun Oh (Film Assistant, Photographer)

Sang Hyun Yoon (Associate Film Director)


At first, Athlete Avatar project was started from conceiving a solution for obesity. How can I make people exercise as fun as eating?

Most obese people are not willing to exercise because they cannot earn visible rewards in “short period of time”.

Going on a diet is a time-consuming project and they can slim down after exercising for a few months.

A pattern of the process is as follows.

Exercising - Exercising - Exercising.............................. - Losing body weight visibly.

So, I reversed the pattern by synchronizing real exercising data with EA sports game.

Exercising - Reward (Improving Avatar) - Exercising - Reward- Exercising - Reward...

On next stage, we extended this idea as making an emotional connection between the EA sports games and gaming users.